Pluralistic Image Completion

Chuanxia Zheng, Tat-Jen Cham, Jianfei Cai

Pluralistic Online Demo


  1. The Pluralistic model provides multiple and diverse plausible results by clicking the Fill button.
  2. For large holes, we can click the Mask Type to select the Rectangle holes.
  3. For free-form holes, the left slider can be used to set the line width [1,50].
  4. If we just mask half (left/right) of the face, the diversity will be small for our short+long term attention layer will copy the information from the other slides.
  5. Since the data is relayed through the Amazon server to our inner net, the result needs to be waited for a few seconds.
  6. Acknowledgments: Online JS code borrows from DeepFill(v1)

Example Editing

  • Face Change
  • Eyeglass removal
  • Old to Young
  • Object removal